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      Tec Voc's  Multilingual O Canada performed
to 26,000 Blue Bomber Fans! 
Download our latest gender-neutral version which also includes Inuktitut below

During the Spring of 2017, Tec Voc music students created a multilingual version of  "O Canada" to commemorate Canada's 150th year of confederation! Our goal at  the time was to represent the student body of Tec Voc High School by incorporating multiple languages including Cree, English, French, Ojibway, and Tagalog in our opening exercises. Faith Bage, Mallorie Richard, and Bryce Vindicacion were the driving forces behind the project and in the fall of 2017, the CBC  interviewed those involved in its creation and aired our recording nationally. Our student's arrangement went viral with over 780,000 social media views and they were invited to perform at multiple venues including the WestCAST Conference (University of Manitoba), the Manitoba School Boards Convention, The Young Humanitarians Awards Ceremony, an immigration ceremony at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and a Winnipeg Blue Bombers Football Game! The CTV has showcased us and we are now very excited to share our latest gender-neutral version that also includes Inuktitut! 
O Can 1.png
O Can 2.png

Students Perform 


"O Canada"

for the




Invited To Perform At






Invited To

Perform At


Humanitarians Awards Ceremony!

HMS Multilingual "O Canada"

HMS Multilingual "O Canada"

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